Niroo Investment Company


Niro Investment Company was established on June 31, 2015 as a public company and was registered in Tehran Companies and Industrial Property Registration Department under number 122447; The major shareholder of this company is currently Iran Investment Company. Since the beginning of 2016, Niroo Investment Company has been a holding company with the purpose of investing in stocks and securities with voting rights and implementing infrastructure projects for the production, transmission, distribution of power, water, energy, and the construction and production of water industry equipment. and electricity, etc. and investment in the capital market has become.

Niroo Investment Company

Supply of power plant parts

Vaniro company is engaged in supply and production of power plant parts in the country by using internal knowledge.

Energy export hub

Vaniro has long-term plans for exporting energy to countries in the region.

Clean energy production

Vaniro company in Qazvin and Damavand wants to increase the production of clean energy with documented investment.

Energy production expansion

Vaniro company is one of the top 3 companies investing in the development and expansion of the electricity production network in Iran.

Real shareholder
Workers and engineers
MW (under construction)
MW production