Niroo Investment

Niroo Investment Company was established on June 31, 2015 as a public company and was registered in Tehran Companies and Industrial Property Registration Department under number 122447; The major shareholder of this company is currently Iran Investment Company. Since the beginning of 2016, Niroo Investment Company has been a holding company with the purpose of investing in stocks and securities with voting rights and implementing infrastructure projects for the production, transmission, distribution of power, water, energy, and the construction and production of water industry equipment. and electricity, etc. and investment in the capital market has become. This company, through Irsa Power Plant Management Development Holding, manages about 850 MWh of power plant capacity in two power plants in Taban Yazd with a capacity of 500 MW and Khoi Power Plant with a capacity of 350 MW, and is also the owner of two power plants under construction of 546 MW in Arian Zanjan. Belongs to the North and South Energy Company and 50 MW Wind Farm belongs to the Aban Wind Turbine Company. In addition, Niro Investment is the owner of Saderat Niro Persian Gulf Kish, active in the field of commercial activities, and Satrap Gostar Niro in the field of real estate.