Achieving investment in 5000 MW of power plants (combined BOO and BOT and renewable scale)
Creating a specialized holding in the field of water and sewage industry
Investing in the implementation of sewage networks, sewage treatment plant, water desalination
Investing in cryptocurrencies
Investment in housing
Power plant spare parts trading
Investing in GIS posts
Construction of energy park (solar power plant, CHP and combined cycle power plants)


Ahead opportunities:

The program to increase the country's electricity production capacity up to 25,000 megawatts according to Article 48 of the Law of the Sixth Economic, Social and Cultural Development Program of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Increasing the rate of energy carriers
Placing private sector power plant development plans among the priorities of the National Development Fund
The interest of many international financiers to participate in this industry
The special role of this industry and products as the development infrastructure of the country and region
Existence of a guaranteed electricity purchase contract from Arian Zanjan 2, Badi Aban and Sohuri Mehriz power plants
Considerable experience and expert human resources in the power investment group
The government's special attention to increasing the capacity of renewable power plants and Iran joining the Paris Environmental Convention
The possibility of increasing efficiency and applying smart controls in the entire production chain to electricity consumption