The power generation capacity in the country increases

The power generation capacity in the country increases

According to Mehr reporter, Ali Akbar Mehrabian said in the opening ceremony of the 1,493 megawatts combined cycle power plant project on Saturday morning: Increasing electricity production is one of the most important approaches in the country so that we can meet the needs of the country.


Referring to the plans of the 13th government to strengthen electricity infrastructure, especially in the field of production, he said: People play an important role in providing sustainable electricity and they can help this sector with optimal consumption and consumption management.


Referring to the opening of the 1,493-megawatt Asalouye combined cycle power plant, the Minister of Energy said: This power plant was built to increase production, stability and reliability of the network and respond to the increasing growth of load.


He announced the increase in the efficiency of the power plant by about 50% and noted that saving and reducing fuel consumption and improving environmental conditions are other goals of this project.


Mehrabian, the Minister of Energy, entered Bushehr province through Persian Gulf Asalouye international airport on Saturday to start the implementation and operation of several projects and to visit the plans of the water and electricity industry.


The operation of the Asalouye combined cycle power plant with a capacity of 1500 megawatts and 400 kV long power substation in Dashti city is among the plans of the energy minister's trip to Bushehr today.


Also, the Minister of Energy will visit 2 Ken Bushehr and Siraf desalination projects with a capacity of 35 and 28 thousand cubic meters, respectively, and Dalki and Dasht Panlang dams in Dashtestan and Dashti Bushehr cities.


The start of the executive operation of the 100 KV Kangan substation and visiting the projects of the water and electricity industry in Kharg Island are among the other plans of Mehrabian in his one-day trip to Bushehr province.


The Minister of Energy will also participate in the meeting of the administrative council of Bushehr province this evening, and the end of his trip will be attending the commemoration ceremony of the martyrs of the Persian Gulf (direct battle with America in the Persian Gulf) on the anniversary of the martyrdom of Nader Mahdavi and his comrades in Dashti city.