The government is obliged to buy electricity produced by the private sector

The government is obliged to buy electricity produced by the private sector

According to Mehr reporter, Ali Marvi said on Monday at the opening ceremony of Kohek Takistan wind power plant: the government should remove obstacles to support the private sector's investment in electricity production and provide the necessary grounds for the presence of capable non-governmental people in this industry with supportive incentives. Provide.

He added: The parliament supports the private sector in energy production, and with the good approvals it had in 1992 and 1993, it obliged the government to provide the necessary motivation for the private sector activists by guaranteeing the purchase of electricity for 463 Tomans.

This representative stated: The plan to support the country's electricity industry has been prepared and will be presented in the second session of the parliament, which includes the development of renewable power plants, the provision of suitable facilities to the private and non-governmental sectors, consumption taxes and guaranteed purchases at a reasonable price from incentive policies in It has been seen.

He informed about the development of wind and solar power plants in the country and reminded: Currently, in different regions of the country, including Khorasan, Gilan, East Azerbaijan and Qazvin province, more than 9 thousand megawatts of renewable energy are produced, and the agreement to produce 4 thousand and 500 megawatts Renewable energy has also been signed.

The Chairman of the Energy Commission of the Islamic Parliament stated: There are good capacities in the field of renewable energy production in the country, and successful groups such as Mapna Group, which is highly capable in the implementation of wind and solar power plant design and installation projects, can be the driving force of the industry. country and to help the development of the country's electricity industry and like Siemens of Germany, Alston of France and General Electric of America, Mapna is also the brand of Islamic Iran in the power plant and energy industry.

Marvi reminded: Iran, being located in the sun belt and having 300 sunny days in the central and desert areas, has high capacities, and we must quickly prepare ourselves for the optimal use of this energy.


The head of the Energy Commission of the Islamic Council added: Saudi Arabia has planned to invest 100 billion dollars in the construction of solar power plants for the next 20 years to provide at least 30% of its energy needs with this method, and in Turkey, many houses Some people use solar panels for their energy supply and it is affordable for them.

He added: "For the development of investment in the new energy sector, the government should provide the necessary support and in order to achieve a resilient economy and get rid of the single-product economy, it should support the technical knowledge in renewable energy and the construction of power plants by the private sector."

In this ceremony Hamidchit Chian, Minister of Energy, Hoshang Fallahtian, Deputy Minister of Energy, Morteza Roozbeh, Governor, Hosseini, Mohammadi and Rahmani, representatives of Qazvin Province in the Islamic Council, Deputy Governors, Sadeghi, Prosecutor of Qazvin, Sardar Mir Heydari, Commander of Naja in Qazvin. Jabarzadeh, the CEO of the province's electricity distribution company, and a group of managers of the water and electricity industry of the province were also present.