Energy Gostar Jam

Energy Gostar Jam


Gostar Jam Energy Company (Special Shares) was registered on 2/7/1389 under number 373774 in the Tehran Companies and Non-Commercial Institutions Registration Office. This company was formed by the private sector with the general purpose of being present in the energy market of the region, and especially the development of the country's electric energy sector.

The company has construction license No. 360/34257 dated 12/04/2013 from the Ministry of Energy for the construction of Taban combined cycle power plant in Yazd. The mentioned power plant is located on a land of 50 hectares and with a capacity of 1000 MW in Ashkazar city in Yazd province, the first phase of which was built with a nominal capacity of 500 MW, and its gas units were put into operation in March 2014 and steam units were used in March 2016. Vector was placed. Also, this company is the owner of 50.08% of Khoi Combined Cycle Power Plant and a shareholder of "West Azerbaijan Electricity Production Management" and "Shams Taban Radiation Power Production" companies with 50.4% each.

Subject of the company's activity:

The general subject of Gostar Jam Energy Company's activity is:

Construction of power plants
Transmission and distribution of electricity
Investing in the purchase of power plants
Participation in internal and external tenders for power plant construction and electricity production projects
Obtaining foreign currency and rial loans and facilities from domestic and foreign banks, organizations and financing companies
Carrying out related industrial and commercial activities


Subsidiaries of Gostar Jam Energy Company:

Shams Taban Radiation Energy Production Company (Management of 350 MW Khoi Combined Cycle Power Plant)
West Azarbaijan Electricity Production Management Company (Operator of Khoi combined cycle power plants, Urmia gas, Urmia combined cycle and Shubad (Kahnouj) combined cycle power plants). It should be noted that among the 4 power plants that this company manages, only the Khoi combined cycle power plant belongs to the group itself.


Capital and composition of shareholders of Energy Gostar Jam Company

The company's capital at the beginning of its establishment was two hundred and fifty billion Rials (including the number of one thousand shares, with a nominal value of two hundred and fifty million Rials per share), which currently amounts to three thousand six hundred and twenty billion Rials (including the number of three thousand and Six hundred and twenty million shares, with a nominal value of one thousand Rials per share, were increased.